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Article: Appliance Hook-Up Services

Appliance Hook-Up Services

Appliance Hook-Up Services

Don't Take Chances With Your Appliance Installations

Say goodbye to the headache of DIY installations and trust our experts to handle your appliance installations the right way. Our appliance installation services in Ottawa ensure a hassle-free installation process for your appliances, from washing machines to dishwashers.

What Can You Expect From Our Ottawa Appliance Installation Services

At Hani Plumbing Services, we go the extra mile to make your appliance installation service hassle-free. Our Ottawa appliance installers seamlessly connect your new appliance to the existing power source, whether on electricity or gas, ensuring a safe and efficient connection. We will also handle the water source connection, ensuring everything is properly hooked up and ready.

  • Unbox and verify the make and model of your appliance
  • Check the appliance for any visible damage
  • Take care of removing the packaging from your home
  • Ensure the new device is levelled and properly connected
  • Install the anti-tip bracket, if it's included
  • Provide a basic product demonstration and testing


Let Us Take Care Of Your Appliance Installation In Ottawa From Start To Finish

Our Ottawa Appliance installers are ready to hook up your appliances and get them up and running quickly.